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Come Rain or Shine

Jul 1, 2021

When we consider the quality of our services, our expectation level can vary.

For instance, when someone says “very good” versus “excellent” job, generally we’re satisfied with either outcome; however, what if I told you “very good” and “poor” are the same because, in the end, they are not “excellent”?

Consider a 5-point scale. When evaluating quality control, the difference is more substantial than you think. As I learned at Disney, people are much more likely to come back or recommend a 5-star "excellent" review over a 4-star "very good" review. The reason being: With a 5-star review, you typically have to do something unexpected for the benefit of the customer; with a 4-star review, you’re just serving up to par with their expectations. 

The moral of the story is: Set the bar high and give yourself room to go the extra mile.

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