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Come Rain or Shine

May 27, 2021

When we talk about benefits, we often discuss security and tenure given most companies attempt to retain talent through personal investment. 

However, as Jody and I discuss in this episode, while personal care is valuable, the goal of benefits should be to improve culture first and foremost. For instance, don’t just...

May 20, 2021

As I often say on this podcast, if you want to advance, you can't stay idle. While baby steps are often the key to progress, if you don’t commit to knowing those steps, reaching, even knowing your goals, can be difficult.

However, as a former chef at The Walt Disney Company, Richard Smich, reminds us when you create...

May 13, 2021

For most of us, our tendency at work is to focus on current or new opportunities. While the final chapter of our career may prompt a thought or two, seldom do we consider how our passions intersect retirement.

Yet, as former Vice President of Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Djuan Rivers, explains, when you...

May 6, 2021

We all know to do a job well, you have to work hard; to achieve success, you not only have to exercise effort , but discipline and commitment.

However, as Jody and I discuss in this episode, the cost of leadership is next level in all these regards. For instance, to be a leader, one must be willing to build off their...