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Come Rain or Shine

Oct 26, 2023

“If you don't keep their interest, they walk away. So I really learned really quickly how to keep that interest. And that was through storytelling.”

Episode Highlights

[00:01:22] Passion for storytelling through moving around.

[00:04:30] Transitioned from working for Disney to writing for nonprofits and training...

Oct 19, 2023

“It's not just about the people, but also the systems and processes in place. When art and science come together, magic happens.” -Dan Cockerell

Leadership and culture are the driving forces when it comes to creating exceptional customer experiences. Smart organizations know the value of a well-designed plan for...

Oct 12, 2023

“Many organizations today are focused on whether or not people are following the process. They ask ‘Did you send the report?’ versus ‘what results are you getting?’."

It is hard to deny the power of leadership and culture on organizational success. During this conversation with Jody Mayberry we discuss the...

Oct 5, 2023

"We need to give women the confidence that they can do it, and then educate men about what women can bring to the table" - Valerie Cockerell

 Inspired by her mother's regrets and the desire to share her own insights, Valerie Cockerell set out to write a book that would provide practical advice on leadership. She noticed...