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Come Rain or Shine

Apr 29, 2021

In this special episode, Steven Grant, Director of Architectural Studies in Themed Environments Integration at the University of Florida College of Design, Construction, and Planning, joins the show with students, Emily Page and Nick Karafilis, to discuss the program.

A 28-year veteran of Walt Disney Imagineering and...

Apr 22, 2021

As the chaos of COVID-19 winds down, many are slowly adjusting to normality. While some are still quarantined, for most, the relational aspects of work are becoming more relevant.

Yet, as this evolution occurs, there’s an essence of empathy we must not forsake. As today’s guest, Tina Berger, explains, people have to...

Apr 15, 2021

When we discuss vocational leadership, many assume the term implies respect and honor. And to be fair, this should be the case no matter the endeavor.

However, as guest, Chip Huth, explains when leadership and respect are detached, the quality of our service is ultimately compromised. Whatever our job may be, we must be...

Apr 8, 2021

Until recently, I would often quote executive presence without being able to define it. Like many, I understood what the term signified but struggled to describe it in conversation. However, after doing some homework, I can now explain executive presence in greater measure.

As Jody and I discuss in this episode,...

Apr 1, 2021

If you’ve tuned into the show lately, you've likely noticed the theme of successful entrepreneurs creating their luck to be reoccurring.

Such premise has proven true for Savannah Turner, a soon-to-be high-school graduate who has already paved trails as a business owner and now venturer in the toy store industry....