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Come Rain or Shine

Aug 18, 2022

On this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Jill Donovan, Founder of Rustic Cuff and author of The Kindness Effect, joins the show to discuss her career journey.

A former practicing and attorney and law professor, Jill unpacks her commitment to learning a new skill each year and how the practice has motivated her to start her current business. Having transitioned across multiple vocational spectrums, Jill explains the evolution of Rustic Cuff from talent discovery to corporate enterprise and charitable partnerships. From a humble gift closet to a company of over 150 employees and multiple showrooms, Jill hopes to inspire the next generation to always pay it forward by fusing determination and purpose.

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“Run your own race. You need to define success for yourself…[and] figure out what success looks like in your life…without anyone’s permission.“