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Come Rain or Shine

Jan 24, 2019

After previously discussing the third key of show, in this episode, I rejoin the podcast to discuss our fourth and final key, efficiency.

While making the right decision is important, understanding the order of those right decisions is just as, if not, more important. Like safety, courtesy, and show, efficiency does not exist in a vacuum. As such, whatever requires our immediate focus must exist under a defined set of processes and procedures to ensure issues are timely dealt with.

Unfortunately, people can often become over-focused to the point efficiency encroaches on the other keys. This is why at Disney we tell our employees if you want to deliver an excellent experience as opposed to a good one, you must integrate people’s patience into each of the other keys. In this way, efficiency becomes a part of safety, courtesy, and show as opposed to its separate island.

I also explain the difference between problem and dilemma, how to prioritize in the heat of tension, and how to use stories to shape behaviors.