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Come Rain or Shine

May 30, 2019

I used to think attitude was everything and that positivity was the greatest way to overcome adversity; however, after recently speaking at a Junior Achievement conference in Cordova, Argentina, I’ve adjusted my thoughts.

While attitude is a key ingredient to conflict resolution, it’s important we take our ‘can do’ attitude and apply it to other measures of leadership (i.e. organization, punctuality, and following through on what we say we’ll do). As I told my audience, if we compartmentalize attitude and consistency, chances are we’ll fall short of the results we’re aiming for. attitude can only get you so far.

When you merge attitude and consistency, you help yourself make better, personal decisions. Yes, mentors, supervisors, and friends can prove beneficial, but this doesn’t mean they determine the outcome. As I discuss in this episode, whether you know your life path or not, committing yourself to helpful insight and positive action will ultimately lead to new opportunities and open doors.