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Come Rain or Shine

Oct 17, 2019

If you were elected mayor of a small town, how would you create a happier environment? Would you focus on funding and implementing legislation or would you consider social reforms to improve the economy?

While the truth is somewhere in the middle, as recent travel has taught me, connectivity is critical and underrated when gauging a community’s health. In many parts of the world, not only are people leaving rural areas to pursue big dreams in big places but to explore social scenes and city life. With metropolitans acting as the center of the greatest enterprise, the trend makes sense.

However, for you, a new mayor of a declining populous, you’re wondering how to reverse the flow. In this advanced, virtual age, is it even possible?

As I discuss in the episode, there are solves worth exploring, from larger corporations allowing staff to work remotely to intentional gatherings between municipalities. By asking the question, “What does joy look like for my community”, we find the first step in bringing back new life to the towns we love.