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Come Rain or Shine

Dec 9, 2021

We live in unprecedented times.

With the pandemic still ongoing, people are adjusting to new norms and rhythms. Amidst these cultural changes, significant social impacts are emerging especially in the marketplace.

As Jody and I discuss, one of the reasons historians refer to the present day as The Great Resignation concerns labor and workforce. Across the country, people are leaving jobs, careers paths, anything that doesn’t induce passion or purpose. Consequently, the trend is forcing many managers and owners to reconsider how they retain employees.

The question is: As more companies are short-staffed and more prospects are unemployed, how do organizations keep and develop their staff?

While the possibilities are many, one thing is for sure: Whether a company utilizes surveys, roundtables, workshops, or internal networking, the exercise must proceed a call to action. By allowing employees to contribute, organizations can ensure they what’s necessary to maintain their cores during trying times.

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