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Come Rain or Shine

Aug 15, 2019

This is part two to our previous episode “Four Keys to Implementing Change” but in this episode, we’re talking about what needs to happen to make these changes actually happen.

The fact is as we all pursue our individual endeavors, we're all bonded by the inevitable challenges waiting for us. The question is when troubleshooting situations arise, how do we manage them? How do we cope when we're forced to go with the flow?

As I discuss in this episode, whether we talk internal communications, customer engagement, or backup solutions, there are many ways a business can suffer systemically; however, for each potential problem, there is a key to implement the proper correction.  One exercise is to imagine the worst-case scenario and come up with all the ways you can prevent it from happening and brainstorm ideas of how to fix those scenarios

We talk about needing your designers to understand what the user experience needs to be like, thinking about redundancies and backups when the system isn’t working, and the importance of having a mode when everything goes away you can still offer your customers a great experience.