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Come Rain or Shine

Jan 3, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered what Disney considers its greatest quality control measure, safety, far and away, tops the list.

After previously unveiling the four keys Disney uses to create magic (i.e. safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency), in this episode, I discuss the relationship between safety and culture as well as performance and awareness.

No question, we live in an increasingly distracted world. For many businesses, this means safety is not only compartmentalized from present culture but also misunderstood concerning its future benefits.

For instance, an accident an employee has today can be the result of a decision made years earlier. Unfortunately, with more distractions come more reactionary policies and lagging procedures; however, by staying ahead of accidents as opposed to responding to them, business leaders can profit as they enhance the reputations of their safety operations.

My advice is to start where you are and slowly work your way out. Do what you can. You’re not going to fix everything, but by giving attention to your morale, you will boost all modes of environmental safety moving forward.