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Come Rain or Shine

Oct 20, 2022

In this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Dre Baldwin, CEO, and Founder of Work on Your Game, inc., joins the show to discuss ‘Work on Your Game’ and its emerging influence.

After a 9-year professional basketball career, Dre gained a wide following as the first content creator to upload basketball workout videos to YouTube. Now, with over 8,000 videos and 73 million hits to his credit, Dre has transformed his side hustle into entrepreneurship specializing in helping professionals develop a go-getter mindset within their endeavors.

As a coach and a motivational speaker, Dre hopes his professional development quest will inspire leaders to give top-percentile effort and derive confidence from discipline.

For more information about Dre’s books and resources, check out his website below.



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“How do you continue to show up? What’s the #1 internal trait you want to have?”