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Come Rain or Shine

Jan 31, 2019

After previously detailing our last foundational key to corporate success, on this episode, I discuss technology and its impact on work culture.

Regardless of what key (safety, courtesy, show, efficiency) we sustain, the common denominator is our intent to improve the quality of business. In a technologically dominated day and age, this has significant ramifications. For instance, it's important to remember when you change or implement new technology, it should culturally change the way an organization works. The iPhone is a great example of this as the concept of a computer-in-pocket not only changed how Apple functioned as a company, but how it communicated with customers and employees. 

That said, we should also remember technology is nothing more than a tool used to automate and complete tasks. Though necessary, it should never define your culture, shape behavioral standards, or alter the focus of a company. Again, the four keys of corporate success are the foundation our business should aspire to. Accordingly, while new technology may change the way we work, it shouldn't change our values and what we believe in. Of course, this takes great communication in an increasingly distracted world; however, as leaders, it's essential we filter technology through the guest and employee experience.