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Come Rain or Shine

Oct 17, 2022

On this episode of Come Rain or Shine, best-selling author, Dr. Allen Steven Lycka joins the show to discuss his new book, “Living A Fantastic Life and Turning Points” and career as a transformational speaker.

As a coach, mentor, and former cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Lycka’s story is awe-inspiring. After being misdiagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2003, he realized he had Chronic Lyme disease. Having retired from medicine prior to the pandemic, Dr. Lycka, has made it his life mission to empower people to fuse love, gratitude, and positivity into their outlooks on life.

With a rekindled zest for life, Dr. Lycka hopes his resources and engagements will influence a new wave of leaders to not take their talents and opportunities for granted.

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