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Come Rain or Shine

Aug 8, 2019

Change is continuous. As technology improves, our organizations will have to adjust. 

Implementing change is never easy. 

At Disney, we walk the line between doing what has made us successful and changing our products to remain relevant. 

When we implemented a big change at Disney, I learned there are four areas you have to address to make sure change is successful. 

Four aspects of change;

Make sure cast members understood introducing new technology does not mean our organizational beliefs change. 

Invest in the teams and people who will make the change happen. 

Meet people where they are. Not everyone is ready for change. Be ready for people who are scared, concerned, not ready, or those who fully embrace a change. 

Communication is key. You have to talk to people constantly. Don't surprise people by change. If you feel you are communicating too much, you are probably just getting started.