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Come Rain or Shine

Aug 3, 2023

"Clarity is key. It gets rid of confusion, frustration, and stress. Clear expectations empower your team to deliver great results."

Mac McNeil is an army veteran and banking professional that brings a unique perspective to the significance of accountability and clear expectations in leadership. Mac's extensive background in psychological operations during Desert Storm gives a new perspective to leadership conversations.

Throughout the conversation, Mac emphasizes the need to set clear expectations and grant permission for teams to hold leaders accountable. He shares personal experiences from his executive role in Bank of America. While he was there he implemented a leadership philosophy centered around excellence, doing things the right way, and accountability. Mac also highlights the role of storytelling in leadership. He shares some great examples of this with anecdotes from his book, My Great Aunt Edna: The Golden Girl of Leadership.

In this episode, you will:

  • Uncover the leadership lessons gleaned from both military and banking sectors

  • Discover how psychological operations mold human behavior in military environments

  • Delve into the exceptional leadership principles embodied by Mac McNeil's Great Aunt Edna

  • Realize the vital role of accountability and clear expectations in leadership dynamics

  • Learn about fostering a culture of excellence, responsibility, and integrity

He emphasizes the value of holding others accountable and addressing performance issues directly, even though it may be uncomfortable for young leaders. This episode is perfect for current and aspiring leaders that want to gain insights on fostering a culture of accountability and improving leadership effectiveness.

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Episode Highlights

00:00:44 - Mac's Background

00:02:05 - Memorable Moments from Desert Storm

00:04:06 - Psychological Operations in the Army

00:08:22 - My Great Aunt Edna, the Golden Girl of Leadership

00:12:20 - Importance of Accountability and Credibility

00:13:55 - Clear Expectations and Planning Work

00:15:41 - Being Accountable as a Leader

00:16:59 - Creating a Safe Environment for Feedback

00:19:11 - Miles Davis and Leadership

00:24:11 - Herbie Hancock's "Rocket"

00:24:23 - Book Recommendation - "My Great Aunt EDNA: The Golden Girl Leadership",