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Come Rain or Shine

Jul 20, 2023

"We might not have control in politics, but we have control in our own lives."

Amy Newmark's journey to storytelling started when she was just a child, with an insatiable curiosity for languages. Her fascination with communication took her from studying several languages in high school, to majoring in Portuguese at Harvard, and finally on a life-changing trip to Brazil. Amy's early career saw her leveraging her language skills in the business world, as a telecommunications analyst for a market research firm. She later pivoted to Wall Street, then ran a hedge fund, and found herself working at a telecom startup. Amy's diverse experiences armed her with invaluable insights into the power of storytelling and its role in personal growth.

One day, at a casual barbecue, destiny presented Amy with the opportunity to acquire Chicken Soup for the Soul. Despite the challenging economic climate, Amy and her husband took the leap. They weathered the storm, and their perseverance paid off. Today, Chicken Soup for the Soul is more than just a book series; it's a robust platform that uses storytelling to inspire and transform lives.

Each chapter of Amy's life provided her with unique insights into the transformative power of narratives. Having published over 190 books under the Chicken Soup for the Soul banner, Amy clearly knows how to touch hearts through powerful storytelling. Take a listen to out conversation to hear how an unexpected twist of fate would not only transform her own life but also empower countless individuals seeking personal growth and transformation. Visit the Chicken Soup for the Soul website to explore their collection of books, including the latest releases and bestsellers.


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Episode Highlights

00:01:18 - Amy's Background,

00:04:31 - Buying Chicken Soup for the Soul,

00:08:15 - Process of Creating New Books,

00:11:07 - Transitioning the Brand,

00:14:02 - Learning from Chicken Soup for the Soul,

00:15:28 - Taking Control of Your Life,

00:16:41 - Learning from Life's Challenges,

00:17:24 - Tips for Running a Business,

00:21:19 - Tips for Being an Author,