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Come Rain or Shine

Jun 24, 2021

No question, words have a lot of power and potential. Especially in a recovering, post-COVID world, how and what we communicate is more imperative than ever.

Yet, as a renowned communications expert, Jill Schiefelbein, explains, knowing ‘what’ is only the beginning; no matter what you’re conveying or selling, your audience must understand the ‘why’ behind your words.

For instance, instead of speaking to drive results, speak to drive action with a message people can resonate with. Although calls to action have a place, they must also have importance. Accordingly, if you’re going to communicate a need, own it first before expressing urgency through your influence. 

However, you decide to communicate, remember to target outside your demographic and methodology. If possible, cater to those moved by logic, ethics, and people. Additionally, recognize your ego, set frameworks for context, and plant seeds in others before you try to persuade them.

In this way, you can inspire an audience to make the world a better place.





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