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Come Rain or Shine

Aug 17, 2023

As a leader of any organization, it's really important that we work every day to become unnecessary. - Chris Meroff

Chris Meroff’s journey is what has shaped him into a strategic leader that helps others recognize the value of prioritizing employee fulfillment. His story is both inspiring and enlightening.

As a college dropout with no clear path in life, Chris found himself working in his parents' consulting business for K-12 education, despite having no prior knowledge of the field. After 15 grueling years, Chris decided to branch off and launch a similar venture in Texas, one of the largest markets in the country. Despite facing multiple setbacks, his relentless determination led to the flourishing of a successful business with 75 employees within four years.

However, Chris realized that his achievement did not bring him the fulfillment he expected. His belief that leadership required him to exude confidence and strength left him feeling isolated and emotionally drained when an invaluable employee resigned. That moment shaped Chris' view on the importance of empathy and vulnerability in leadership. The next thing he knew he has to do was a transform his approach to employee fulfillment.

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Episode Highlights

00:01:37 - Chris's Background

00:06:17 - The Need for Empathy and Vulnerability

00:08:25 - Becoming Unnecessary as a Leader

00:09:25 - Step 1: Focus on Culture

00:13:33 - Defining Culture and Guiding Principles

00:14:35 - Prioritizing Time and Resources

00:16:14 - Aligning Talent with Tasks

00:17:24 - Creating a Success Plan

00:19:24 - The Value of Investing in Employees