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Come Rain or Shine

Aug 31, 2023

Technology may bring us closer in some ways, but nothing can replace the depth and significance of real, in-person human connection. - Judd Shaw

Human connection has been a crucial aspect of survival throughout history. Over the last few years there was a stark reminder of the importance of authentic relationships. Today I welcome Judd Shaw, CEO of Judd Shaw Injury Law, who shares his insights on the transformative power of authentic human connections.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Judd went from running a successful law firm to experiencing emotional and professional struggles. In all that was going well there was a pull telling him that something was missing. This sense of unfulfillment sparked a journey that led Judd to a new passion project - understanding and fostering human connection.

Like many, he had been living in a world veiled by technological advancements, where authentic relationships were often overshadowed by a flood of digital interactions. Now, he knows the importance of finding a sense of belonging and connecting with others who accept us for who we are. Social media has lead to unhealthy comparisons, which is why it is crucial to define our own success and prioritize genuine connections over superficial ones.

There are a few ways you can make more meaningful connections.

  • spending quality time with family without distractions
  • being fully present in conversations
  • being accessible and approachable as a leader

Technology is evolving faster than humans, and it's crucial to get back to our roots and prioritize authentic connections for a better future. Measure the connection with yourself and ensure authenticity and alignment with your core values. By reconnecting with oneself, it becomes easier to build connections with others and create a better world for oneself and others.

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Episode Highlights

00:01:32 - Judd's Story and the Power of Connection,

00:03:57 - The Impact of Technology on Connection,

00:07:29 - Loneliness as an Epidemic,

00:11:24 - The Need for Connection and Belonging,

00:14:48 - Finding Authentic Connections,

00:17:14 - Creating Meaningful Connections,

00:19:33 - The Power of Genuine Interactions,

00:20:15 - Connecting with Yourself,

00:21:26 - Taking Action and Appreciating Connection