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Come Rain or Shine

Mar 25, 2021

As recent guests have reminded us, our career trajectories don’t travel in straight lines. Sometimes, we know what we want to become as kids or young adults; other times, we think we know what we want and mature through humble beginnings.

Enter Fred Aebli - a former Marine Corps Veteran who has been fascinated with technology since watching Star Wars as a boy. With interests in electronics and computers, Fred spent much of his post-service time building internet software as well as his consulting practice. Now, after two decades as an entrepreneur, Fred is building up the next generation of innovators as a teacher, mentor, and advisor.

As he explains, not everyone will grow up to be an astronaut, but this doesn’t mean they can’t inspire one as they discover new pathways for themselves. If our aim is the next best step, there will be the potential to motivate the next best thing in those around us.



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