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Come Rain or Shine

Oct 24, 2019

Whenever I talk about open doors, there are two principles I often emphasize: 1) ask questions and 2) dig past initials assumptions. But there’s a third I suggest we, as leaders, consider – the importance of cultivating curiosity.


As leaders, curiosity is imperative both in heeding and handling with delicacy. In my experience, being in the same place over time can dull the curiosity we need to maintain our edge as leaders. For instance, leading with open-mindedness and learning the people around you and can help differentiate a leader content in outcomes from a leader looking to empower others to reach them.


As I discuss in this episode, with any habit, curiosity must be cultivated by asking probing questions, interacting intentionally with those you come in contact with, and taking advantage of the ease with which, we find answers. After all, established trust creates an environment where curiosity can flourish. Why not be a catalyst?