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Come Rain or Shine

Jun 10, 2021

I know I’ve said it ad nauseam, but I’ll say it again: People who take the initiative create their luck. 

Take today’s special guest, Dave Alpern, for instance. After starting his career as an unpaid intern selling T-shirts for the Joe Gibbs Racing team, he now serves as president of what has become a multimillion-dollar organization with more than 500 employees.

As he explains, the difference between thriving and striving isn’t thin and often boils down to well-timed, calculated risks. By making the most of every opportunity, not only can emerging leaders capitalize on humble beginnings but mature through integrity as they develop.

With his new book, Taking the Lead, hitting the shelves on June 8, Dave hopes the wisdom he’s accrued will inspire the next generation to succeed the right way with the right attitude.


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