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Come Rain or Shine

Jul 4, 2019

As many can admit, preparing teens for their future is easier said than done. While high schools aim to academically equip students for college, as parents, it’s a bit more ambiguous.

Should our kids invest more time and energy into part-time jobs or extra-curricular activities outside the classroom?

To be fair, the answers are hardly cut and dry; however, when we zoom out and consider the bigger picture, we find clarity.

As I discuss in this episode, if we want our children to succeed, then we must help them see work through the lens of interpersonal learning, discipline, and time management.  Often times, we think as long as our kids make good grades, they’ll be in fine shape. But in a pass or fail world, grades can only go so far after high school and/or college. Accordingly, how we develop their worldview through balancing education, work, and building relationships is worth discussion.