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Come Rain or Shine

Dec 29, 2022

In this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Theron Skees, Veteran Imagineering Creative Executive & Owner of The Designer’s Creative Studio, joins the show to his career journey and lesson learned from Disney.

As a creative executive and veteran of Walt Disney Imagineering, Theron has a knack for fusing strategy with construction and consultation projects. An executive coach and public speaker, Theron’s story-based approach to marketing brands for high-level attractions has made him a sought-after commodity. While his specialty is helping clients grow their brand, Theron is also skilled in promoting emotional connections through ‘why’ stories.

Per his experiences, rising professionals should engage their brand at every single touch point to unify mission and motive. By employing empathy and relability, consumer buy-in can have a foundation to work from. 

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“The common ground is telling the brand story.”