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Come Rain or Shine

Jul 30, 2020

Jody and I discuss the milestone of reaching one-hundred podcasts.

While the show has found its stride as of late, the journey to success did not happen overnight. From the start, we had to learn an entirely new rhythm and artform to communicate information. At times, I wondered if I should have stayed at Disney.

But now as we progress into a new decade, the script continues to improve. The number of special guests has increased; the quality of our content has matured. And as a result, we're planning better, questioning better, and have been able to provide savvier solutions for our audience.

As Jody points out, we've recorded at many locations, from Magical Vacation Planner Conference to Starbucks. Yet, while the settings may change, our goal remains the same: To capture the power of leadership and culture through creative interviewing and storytelling.