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Come Rain or Shine

Jan 20, 2022

For many of us, we want to know who we are. We want to know who we will become, who will guide us along the way, and who we will eventually influence.

However, as Jody and I discuss in this episode, while the ‘who’ is important, so are the ‘what’ and ‘how’. Specifically, what do you do and how do you do it? When filling out a resume or discussing your strengths in an interview, how do you capture yourself?

For starters, don’t emphasize your title in an ‘about me’ section. Rather start with your expertise, what differentiates you from the rest of the pack, and go from there. If it helps, consider what value you bring to a team and any given day. If necessary, step back, seek the clarity you need, and dare to communicate your niche and drives differently.

You’ll find the more you commit to these steps, the more people will remember what you do and who you are along the way.  


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