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Come Rain or Shine

Jan 19, 2023

In this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Steven Howard, Creator of Humony Leadership and Caliente Leadership, joins the show to discuss modern trends in corporate leadership.

An award-winning author of 22 books on leadership and management, Steven specializes in facilitating tailored leadership development programs for leaders and supervisors around the world. For almost a quarter century, he has mentored and trained thousands of leaders through a unique blend of perspective and experience.

During our conversation, Steven contrasts the employee market of today with the employer market of prior decades. While bosses of old preached trust as having to be earned, in a post-pandemic world, the reverse is taking shape. Specifically, organizations looking to stay competitive are not only having to respect responsibilities outside work, but also having to inspire trust upfront and mature their talent pool through remote means.

As final charge, Steven encourages today's supervisors and leaders to focus on skill management over people management. While subtle, this shift can have profound impacts on team morale will executed correctly.





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“Managing people is a 1980’s construct…it’s not relevant in today’s world.”