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Come Rain or Shine

Feb 11, 2021

When we consider success, we often view it through the lens of achievement. We think of steps to improvement, promotion, advancement – anything that can lead to more money, power, and influence.

Yet, as Glenn Zweig, entrepreneur and podcaster, explains, our definition of success should be tethered to our idea of excellence. While we may perceive excellence differently, our experiences can unify our demonstration of it through transparency and humility. 

In Glenn’s case, he’s worn many hats in retail, real estate, theme parks, and technology industries; however, like you, he’s learned many lessons through successes and failures in season. With over 70 episodes, Glenn hopes his podcast, the Art of Excellence, will inspire others to appreciate the journey and the next best thing. Regardless of where we’re at, we can value exposure and what we’ve learned through stories, lessons, and timely information.


The Art of Excellence:

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