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Come Rain or Shine

Mar 23, 2023

In this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Dave Benson shares about the power of connections and how that has impacted his work as an entrepreneur and software developer. Throughout his professional career, whether it was in a corporate environment at IBM, the sports media industry, or while working at Disneyland Paris, he recognized the impact of meaningful connections. He found that it is possible to deliver a memorable and genuine connection between fans and heroes in just a minute.

Dave went on to use that knowledge to create his business, Super Quick Question, a one-on-one video chat platform with a 60 second time limit. Dave has found success in the sports space, partnering with teams like the Cleveland Browns and Mike Tyson's company.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • the power of connections to build a successful business: Dave Benson's story of how his connections led to the development of his business in France.
  • the importance of brevity in business: Dave Benson's insights on how to make the most out of conversations, such as preparing beforehand and staying on topic.
  • using technology to create meaningful connections: The value proposition of Super Quick Question, a one on one video chat platform with a 60 second time limit, for fans to connect with athletes and celebrities.

As Dave shares with us, brevity is key. People appreciate the genuine connections they can have in a short amount of time, just like when that young child gets to meet Cinderella. Dave Benson had unlocked the power of efficiency in networking and communication.


"Honesty and delivering on your promise results in a much shorter conversation and can save you time, money, and build genuine connections with your heroes."

“There's always something better to do with the time.”


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Episode Highlights:


Super Quick Question is a one-on-one video chat platform with a 60 second time limit. The original idea behind it was for business efficiency, to help people connect better and faster in businesses. The company is now getting a lot of traction in the sports space.


Tell me what you need to know, and I'll give you an answer. Give me the highlights. Give me the best part. And that's kind of what we're doing. We like to get to the meat and potatoes of things.


A little bit of preparation results in a much shorter conversation. Staying on topic and realizing what the purpose of your meeting is allows you to address things promptly. Then you can do the other stuff.