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Come Rain or Shine

Oct 14, 2021

If you’ve ever been apprehensive about starting your business, you’re not alone. Not only does the endeavor require proxy and prowess but also a well-developed pathway to profit.

But the real question is: How do we sustain success after starting our business? What ‘it’ factors are required and if we lack them, how do we get them?

As Jody and I discuss in this episode, while the ‘it’ may vary depending on the opportunity, you must consider how you can develop relationships through experiences. Are you pursuing a special service? Are you able to network and build an audience simultaneously with credibility? Are you developing and sharing knowledge and tools with your target demographics? Do you have contacts who can help and promote you?

If not, chances are you’re not ready to start owning a business; granted, it’s never too early to start considering the culture you want to influence. As long as your starting point centers building community, you’ll have a solid foundation moving forward.

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