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Come Rain or Shine

Aug 24, 2023


Holding people accountable and setting clear expectations brings value to any role. - Mark Manukas

Mark learned early on in his naval career about the power of accountability and clear expectations. During his four years at the Naval Academy he encountered a number of surprises. The most impactful things are the ones he still talks about today;  hard work, focus on ethics, and the sense of relief and accomplishment upon graduation.

Mark and Gaurav Bhatnagar, Founder of Co Creation Partners, co-authored the book "Unfear: Transform Your Business to Create Breakthrough Performance and Well Being". The book was written to help leaders understand how fear impacts organizational culture. They aim to change leaders' relationship with fear to promote positive transformation and well-being.

Take a moment to reflect on your organization's culture and identify any areas where fear may be hindering performance and well-being. Consider how you can start addressing these issues within your own team or organization. Reach out to Mark at or visit

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 Episode Highlights

00:01:20 - Naval Academy Experience

00:03:49 - Co Creation Partners

00:08:11 - Book Purpose

00:09:08 - Evaluating Culture

00:12:37 - Accountability and Clear Expectations

00:12:57 - The Path of Unfear

00:13:26 - Working with Different Industries

00:14:21 - Contact Information and Collaboration