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Come Rain or Shine

Jul 2, 2020

Special guest, Jacob Chancelor, joins me to discuss his story as well as a special project he’s working on.


A former Disney cruise ship entertainer, Jacob discusses his transition to London where he’s now pursuing his master’s degree. As part of his final project, Jacob has spent recent months creating and producing a new type of live entertainment. The project involves a show entitled, “The Bar at the Edge of [Blank]” where guests can choose their adventure through a unique blend of script and impromptu.


As Jacob goes on to explain, he hopes to not only provide comic relief to a country in distress but also change the way audiences participate in the live entertainment.


At this time, the show is set to take place July 13-14 at the Crooked Can Brewery in Winter Garden Florida. Participants can also stream the show live for free. For those interested in contributing to Jacob’s cause, you can visit his Kickstarter link below: